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Pamphlet #14 - 4/15/2009

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Why do we need New Amendments to the Constitution?

If you study my website and goals, you will find that I advocate for several New Amendments.

Amending the Constitution is a serious matter. Only the best, brightest, and wisest should consider what amendments should be implemented. We are dismayed that the Senators are no longer the best, brightest, and wisest from the States (17th Amendment). The only solution is for the States to call for a Constitutional Convention, and the State's Governors and Legislatures select the best, brightest and wisest attendees from their states.

Reflecting on the "Framers" of the Constitution it is clear they felt certain obvious freedoms need not be included in the Constitution. So from the very beginning, the States were exercising their sovereign rights.

But, did they get all the obvious freedoms included in the Bill of Rights (Amendments 1-10)?

I think not. So what did they overlook? Therefore, what do we need to add to the Constitution as extensions to the Bill of Rights?

Limit Borrowing from Foreign Entities

This amendment would force Congress to explain to the citizens their proposed expenditures and explain the benefits the Nation would derive from this spending.

From the founding of our Nation, the President insisted on paying our foreign debts and limited borrowing from foreign entities. Washington, Jefferson and other Presidents knew that this was a "slippery slope" leading to reduced freedom for our Nation.

This amendment would require Congress to do one of the following:

  • Balance budget by raising taxes, or
  • Balance budget by cutting spending in other areas, or
  • Request that the citizens buy treasury notes, bills, bonds...
  • Review the Details: Limit Borrowing

Spending Reauthorization

This amendment would require all spending/programs bills to be reauthorized every three years. Once Spending is set into motion, it can go on beyond the time when it is beneficial to the Nation, thus becoming a burden to the Tax Payers.

This would force review of all spending on a regular schedule. Every Three (3) years the bills would have to reauthorized:

  • Every three (3) years the spending bills would expire, unless
  • Reauthorized by a majority of House and Senate and signed by President.
  • Review the Details: Limit Government Spending Programs

Natural Born Citizens

This change to the 14th amendment would require that natural born citizenship be given only to those whose parents are legally within our borders and pledged allegiance to our Nation. Otherwise they would be given a "Birth Notice" not a "Birth Certificate".

States already collect information on births within their borders: Doctors, Nurses, Hospital, parents' names, etc...

Require the States to:

  • Collect the parent (parents) individual birth certificate, naturalization papers, Visas, or other documents showing they are legally within our Nation's borders, and
  • Issue a "Birth Certificate" certifying the Natural Born Status, otherwise
  • Issus a "Birth Notice" which carries no Natural Born certification.

Change the 14th amendment either by repealing, and adding a new amendment or by actually changing the existing amendment. United States Citizenship is a privilege and honor.

  • Require parents of newborns be legalize their citizenship status in this Nation and renounce allegiance to other nations,
  • Persons who have dual citizenships lose their US Citizenship, and
  • Any person announcing allegiance to other nations will lose their US Citizenship.
  • Review for Details: Natural Born

Property Rights

This amendment would require that when the Government acquires by imminent domain private property, that it can only be used for benefit of all the citizens of the Nation, State or City; and, remain in the ownership of the government and not leased, rented, or otherwise transferred to a private entity.

When the government no longer requires the property, the government must:

  • Return the property to the original owners or their descendents and
  • Require the repurchase price to be the same as the price paid by the government.
  • If descendents cannot be found, then the property can be auctioned off.
  • Review for Details: Property Rights

Health Care

Each family or individual should be able to choose the healthcare provider of their choice whether the provider be public or private sector, or decline to choose healthcare.

Child-Parent Protection

This amendment would limit the ability of government to make critical decisions for families. In particular, the decision of home schooling should be left up to the parents.

  • The right for parents to select the type of schooling, they desire for their children will not be denied by the government.
  • Review for Details: Child-Parent Protection

Above are some of the obvious freedoms that the "Framers" and States overlooked.

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