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Pamphlet #41 - 1/21/2014

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Private Property
United Nation's "Agenda 21"

Currently the United Nation has “Agenda 21” before them and California has similar propositions to limit property ownership that does not meet their criteria for use. “Agenda 21” uses the “sustainability use rule”: Large plots of land are not being used in an efficient and sustainable way, that is low density, and could be better used if developed into more dense population use (housing). They propose eminent domain to take property and give to someone else to build developments.

Governor Brown in California is set to sign similar laws for California’s county government levels.

Our proposed Amendment would prohibit the United Nations “Agenda 21” from affecting our Nation and make useless the laws being enacted in California. If the government takes your property then the government must bore all costs associated with the property and provide no benefits to individuals or groups.

The Supreme Court ruled in June 2005 that local, state or federal governments may take for compensation private property for the sole purpose of turning property over to other private citizens for economic development.

[1]The taking of private property for public use for local, state or federal governments' public purpose shall remain in the ownership of local, state or federal governments and shall not be used to benefit a private individual or group.
[2]Just compensation shall be made to the person whose private property is taken.
[3]Sale of the property by local, state or federal governments shall be restricted back as a first offer refusal to the original owner if living or to owners' decedents at the lower of the original compensated price or current market value.
[4]If the owner or the owners' decedents decline to purchase the property, the local, state or federal government may dispose of property in any appropriate manner after holding the property for a period not less than five years.

Our mission at Preserve Our Nation is to change the rules under which Washington operates, The United States Constitution.

The only answer is an Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. We can only change the rules in the Constitution via Amendments.

Getting the elite Washington establishment, Congress, to pass Amendments and send them to the States for ratification is not going to happen. Why would Congress allow us to put restrictions on them?

The solution is to solicit the States to convene a “Convention of the States” to propose Amendments that would then be sent by Congress to all States for Ratification. Congress would have no choice but to send the Amendments to the States. It’s in the Constitution.

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