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Pamphlet #38 - 10/8/2013

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The Rich Man and Lazarus

There are many Judeo-Christians among the Democrats. But they are blinded by the Religion of Liberalism.

The Democrats preach that Republicans are not Judeo-Christians. But are these Democrats really Judeo-Christians?

In the Bible story of ďThe Rich Man and LazarusĒ, the rich man dies and goes to Hades. The story is that the rich man did not take care of the poor man, Lazarus, whereas when Lazarus died he was carried away by the angels to be with Abraham.

The Rich Man paid all his taxes to the government and expected the government to care for the poor and thus his obligation was fulfilled. Jesus did not see it this way. I donít remember reading in the Bible that paying your taxes was a substitute for taking care of the poor.

Iím wondering! Why do these Judeo-Christians remain Democrats? Why do they continue to vote for Liberal Democrats? I can only conclude that they must want everyone to go to Hades too! They donít want to be alone.

They believe that if they can take money from the rich and distribute it to the poor that they are obeying Jesus. Did they ever think that taking money from the rich is not their money and thus they are not taking care of the poor out of their own pockets? Using other peopleís money is not a substitute for individuals taking care of the poor.

The Religion of Liberalism requires that only big government can care for the poor. And big government can only come from taking from the rich. But the rich donít have enough money to fund the liberalsí big government. So they have to either take money from the middle class or from some other hidden middle class source.

The other source of money is the ďPatient Protection and the Affordable Care ActĒ aka Obamacare. The liberals could not get the middle class to freely fork over part of their pay to take care of the poor, so the liberals devised a plan to force people to buy a product they did not want or be taxed (penalized) for not buying the product or tax (penalize) businesses not providing the product to their employees or tax (penalize) individuals for buying a better product than offered by the "Affordable Care Act". A big part of this tax (penalty) is placed on the young people who decline to purchase the product. Anybody who does not purchase a plan will pay the tax (penalty).

How does Obamacare generate revenue? We know how Obamacare spends money; through subsidies to the lower middle class and the poor to purchase the product. The revenue is generated through taxes (penalties) for not purchasing the product, businesses declining to provide health insurance and special taxes on medical devices. Also Obamacare will take $715 Billion dollars from Medicare over the next 10 years to add to the revenue stream. How did they get this stream of money from Medicare? They are reducing the Medicare payments to doctors and hospitals thus saving Medicare $715 Billion over the next 10 years. Those purchasing the product, either Bronze, Silver, Gold or Platinum plans, will have their insurance companies paying less to the doctors and hospitals too. These plans specify what the insurance companies must pay for each procedure, visit, etcÖ

(Note: Taking $715 Billion dollars out of Medicare is a bait and switch game. That money was put in Medicare to pay Medicare claims and extend the life of the program. Individuals contributed that money for future needs of Medicare, not for a revenue stream for Obamacare.)

(Note: The cost that doctors and hospitals charge to people who have a private plan or plan through employer, not Obamacare plans, will increase to make up for the loss occurred in taking patients in the Obamacare plans just like it has for Medicare and Medicaid patients. Click to read how Medicare payments works)

With this new tax revenue they could now distribute the money to the poor via subsidies on the products they had to purchase. In some cases they force States to pay for the product for adding people to Stateís Medicaid programs, again forcing the Stateís middle class to pay via State taxes.

Of course the product is healthcare insurance.

What most people donít realize is that the Liberals are instituting Price-Controlled Healthcare: prices you must pay (revenue - penalties, taxes) and the price the government will pay (spending Ė subsidies, low reimbursement to a limited choice of doctors and hospitals). Subsidies are needed for the poor and lower middle class because of the high prices for insurance premiums on plans that the government specifies you must purchase: Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Because the government specifies what has to be in each plan, this is the same as setting a price with no flexibility on plans.

On the spending side, the government pays low benefits to doctors and hospitals for Medicare patients and for Obamacare subsidies. With this scheme it is projected that the government will collect more revenue that it will spend. This is simple math as we have heard before and they call this debt reduction (revenue greater than spending). Of course this was on the backs of the citizens forced to buy a product they didnít want. The rich can afford to buy other better policies that do not provide a tax (penalty) to fund Obamacare. This is a forced tax on the middle class who cannot afford it. (Note: What happens when the revenue stream is less than the spending stream? Where does the revenue then come from? Maybe from higher Income Taxes!)

If the government wants to provide health insurance to everyone, and I mean everyone, they can. As Supreme Court Justice Kagan said in oral arguments about Obamacare expanding into Medicaid, "It's just a boatload of federal money for you to take and spend." In other words, government can give away boatloads of money if they want too. Yes, they can.

But the government canít force people to purchase something they donít want. The Supreme Court was wrong. This wrong can be corrected by repealing Obamacare. But this wonít happen because there are more people receiving benefits than people forced to pay into the system. This is the Republic's majority rule.

It can also be corrected by passing an Amendment to the U. S. Constitution forbidding the government to force people to purchase health insurance. This will nullify the Supreme Court Ruling. We can also nullify the taxation in Obamacare by repealing the 16th Amendment, the Labor Tax commonly known as Income Tax.

Using other peopleís money is not a substitute for individuals taking care of the poor and can only result in going to Hades. Neither is paying your taxes a substitute for taking care of the poor and can only result in going to Hades. Donít be blinded by the Religion of Liberalism and the promise that you wonít go to Hades.

So there are two paths for killing Obamacare but both require amendments. To pass an amendment, we first must call a State Convention to place amendments before each state for ratification.

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