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Pamphlet #37 - 7/27/2013

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Middle Class and What it Means!

The Liberal Progressives, as in Democrats, are trying to take the foundation principles of the Conservatives, as in Republicans, and claim it as their own. Oh, how they can put out the propaganda: Their views versus what they really are doing.

I received a note from the White House that thousands are joining in with President Obama to “ensure that everyone who works hard can get ahead.” The note states that to get into the middle class requires: a good job, a good education, homeownership based on a solid foundation, affordable healthcare and a secure retirement. Finally it ends with the following statement: “More chances for folks to earn their way into the middle class as long as they’re willing to work for it.”

I ask “When have the Liberals ever required anyone to work to get ahead?” and “Just who will pay for good jobs, good education, homeownership, healthcare and retirement?” The Liberals’ answer is of course: “The Government.”

The Liberals’ Labor Unions have long wanted more pay and benefits for less work. In education, the Liberals have bad mouthed achievement and lowered expectations on students so as to bring the educational standards down to the level of the underachieving. The Liberals brought about this recession demanding that everyone should own a home and required the government to back those who were not on a solid foundation. As to healthcare, the Liberals goal is make the businesses who try to provide good jobs pay for their employee healthcare and to force those who do not want healthcare to purchase it. The Liberal Progressives want the Social Security System as a retirement system to provide benefits to all, even non-citizens.

I ask “How can the Liberals believe that the middle class can grow when they are killing the businesses that are to provide those good jobs?”

Conservatives believe that GOOD JOBS are the foundation of our economy and that businesses are the means to have good jobs. Liberal Progressives believe that Government is the means to provide good jobs. This is the Liberals’ propaganda spill.

For the past 100 years the Liberal Progressives have hammered down business to the point that we as a Nation are on the verge of collapse. What we have to do is get Government out of the way of individuals creating businesses and free our economy to grow. We have to reverse the Liberal Democrat attack on and control of business. This will require change; change in the philosophy that businesses are evil and only government is good.

A radical change is needed. First the taxing system has to be changed. Liberals use the Income Tax (Labor Tax) as a means to punish businesses and hold down their growth of creating good jobs. We must repeal the 16th Amendment, Income Tax, and move to the FairTax. This will provide an economic growth that can bring our Nation out of fiscal ruin.

Another change is to return to the States their sovereign right as stated in the Constitution to appoint Senators. Another change is to restrict the Government from borrowing money from foreigners. Other changes include property rights, dual citizenship, healthcare rights, natural born citizens, and child-parent protection. Review the proposed Amendments to the U. S. Constitution on this website.

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