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Pamphlet #36 - 12/01/2012

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Definitions of Slavery and Redistribution

  • The forced taking of the output of another's labor for one's own use.

  • The forced taking of the output of another's labor to transfer to someone else.

In making the above comparison, I do not intend to compare the other outrageous effects of slavery with redistribution. Slavery not only stole the output of one's labor but the other freedoms our Nation's Constitution protects plus those freedoms under the Bill of Rights Amendment and the Fourteenth Amendment: religion, speech, press, assemble, the right of petition, and citizenship.

But on the other hand, the taking of one's labor and giving to another does make the recipient of the redistribution a slave to those who are doing the redistribution.

Slavery in any form is morally wrong.

A Government that robs Peter to pay Paul can always depend
on the support of Paul.  -- George Bernard Shaw

Paul is now a slave to the government!

Who performed this act?

  • Southern Democrat Slave Holders.

Income Tax
  • Liberal Segregationist Democrats, Progressives and Populists along with Theodore Roosevelt and Insurgent Republicians (1913).

Who eliminated Slavery?
Who will eliminate Redistribution?

  • Republican Abraham Lincoln Destroyed Slavery

    President Lincoln declared "As I would not be a slave, so I would not be a master."

    Lincoln believed that slavery was morally wrong, being a thief of the output of one's labor, adhering to John Locke's theory that a man is the owner of his property, and property included the rights to the output of his labor, and no other has a claim for those (property) rights.

    Fairness based on forced labor was seen by Lincoln as being in opposition to Laws, natural and established, and to individual freedoms.

  • Who is going to destroy the Slavery of Redistribution?

    Fairness as seen in redistribution by the Liberals utilizes the use of forced labor via Labor Taxes, the Income Tax, to enslave those who have succeeded to level the field for those who have failed to succeed.

    Liberals believe Individual Liberty and Morality is to succumb to Fairness.

    The answer to the question of "Who will destroy the Slavery of Redistribution?" is "Not the Liberals".

  • Some will say that Redistribution is not like Slavery

    So let me give you a comparison.

    What if that during slavery before the Civil War that the Commonwealth of Virginia owned the slaves and they rented them out to the plantation owners. The Commonwealth of Virginia would be selling the output of one's labor for the benefit of the government which they could then redistribute.

    Would this have made slavery morally right since the government was being the slave holder?

    Redistribution via the Income Tax System makes slaves of one class of citizens for the benefit of another class. Just because it is the government doing the enslaving does not make it any more morally right.

    Any stealing of the output of another's labor is morally wrong and crushes the Constitutional Rights of each and every citizen in their "Pursuit of Happiness" that is "owning the output of their labor".

Solution: Repeal 16th Amendment to U.S. Constitution!!!!!!

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