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Pamphlet #26 - 9/12/2009

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Congressman Wilson - You Lie Outburst

During the President's speech, Congressman Bill Wilson's (R-SC) outburst of “you lie” is the best thing that has happened for President Obama in the Healthcare debate!

Congressman Wilson was wrong for the outburst and I'm glad that Congressman Wilson apologized to the President. I'm also glad that President Obama accepted the apology.

We do not want to see outbursts like the Democrats performed while President Bush spoke to Congress. Their "Boo's" in concert released them of the responsibility for an apology. It seems if a group does it then it is alright. Even so, in general Republicans can hold themselves to a higher standard. Congressman Wilson's outburst was the exception and there is no excuse.

If the House censors Mr. Wilson, then the Democrats will have to provide in the final Healthcare Bill what the President stated in his speech: Item by Item. Otherwise the House will be making the President a Liar.

So on all fronts, the President now gets what he wants. The President should say "Thank you Congressman Wilson!"

The final Bill sent to the President will have to be exactly what the President stated in his speech. Or the Democrats in the House will be the liars and have to admit that Congressman Wilson was right.

The House Democrats are putting themselves in a corner. Maybe they already have. They now have to step up and prove the President was telling the truth in his speech. The House should recall and rewrite their Bill (HR3200) now in order to meet the President's promises.

They have to make sure the Senate provides what the President wants. I would like to see Pelosi and Reid in opposite corners with Pelosi fighting to prove the President is not a liar.

All the Republicans have to do is list the promises from the President's speech and present the case to the House and Senate to fulfill his promises. The Republicans only have to keep the pressure on in order to get what they want. There are so many limitations in the Presidents promises, even the Democrats won’t be able to agree on these.

Print these 15 promises and post them on your refrigerator door.
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President Obama's Promises

  • “Panel to Kill off Senior Citizens. It is a Lie! Plain and Simple!”
  • “Claim to Insure Illegal Immigrants. This too is False!”
  • “No Federal dollars used to fund abortions”
  • “Federal Conscience Law to remain in place”
  • “Government takeover of entire Healthcare System. Not true, it will be like Medicare and Medicaid.”
  • “I will not sign a plan that adds one dime to the deficit. Now or in the future. Period!”
  • “Plan will have provisions to have more savings cuts, if spending cuts don’t materialize.”
  • “Not a dollar of Medicare trust fund will be used to pay for this plan!”
  • “I will protect Medicare!”
  • “If you have private insurance, Medicare, Medicaid or VA, nothing requires you to change doctors in the plan.”
  • “Under the plan, it's against the law for insurance companies to deny coverage for pre-existing conditions.”
  • “As soon as I sign Bill, it's against the law for Insurance companies to drop your coverage.”
  • “No caps on coverage received during the year or in your life-time.”
  • “Limit on charges for out-of-pocket expenses.”
  • “Insurance companies will be required to cover, at no extra charge, routine checkups and preventative care.”

To meet his promises, President Obama will have to insure that the Bill he signs is unmistakably straight forward in language. It looks like he will have to insure the amendments wanted by the Republicans are added.

But I still have a few questions.

  • If my doctor decides to quit taking Medicare or Medicaid patients, what do I do? Will the government force my doctor to keep me?
  • Will you prove the saving cuts before spending the money on increased coverage for the uninsured?
  • Will doctors and nurses accepting Medicare and Medicaid patients be forced to join a Union?
  • Will the plan continue to pay only 94% of the actual cost to doctors and hospitals just like Medicare and Medicaid does?
  • If saving are found in Medicare or Medicaid, shouldn't they be returned or actually never be taken out of the trust fund, thus not being eligible for the plan?
  • By protecting Medicare as is, why is a new panel needed?
  • If you are increasing the benefits provided by Insurance companies, can they raise my premiums?
  • Will this plan insure that the insurance companies opting into the plan will offer the same identical plans they offer in private plans?
  • If the government can force me to buy healthcare insurance, have I lost one of my freedoms?
  • If this plan is like Auto Insurance, then why are those who don't own cars, don't have to buy auto insurance?
  • Since private insurance companies are not allowed to sell across state lines, will the plan only allow the government option plans to be sold nation wide? Will this provide an unfair advantage to the government options?

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