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Pamphlet #25 - 9/9/2009

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Labor Day

Labor Day - A National Holiday occurring on the 1st Monday of September to celebrate the fruits of our labor.

Oh! But didn't the government just take a large portion of the fruits of our labor for their own spending spree. So is Labor Day a day for workers or a day for the government to celebrate.

The Labor Tax resulted from the passage of the 16th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, allowing the government the right to take a portion of the fruits of every American's labor. Just what is the fruits of labor? It's your income. Thus the name Income Tax. Why doesn't the government call it what it is: Labor Tax?

So is Labor Day really a government day or a worker day? Sorry to say, it's a government day! The government puts no effort into producing the labor but receives a percentage of the benefits anyway!

Only in America with the 16th Amendment could this happen.

Tax day marks the day in the year when the average worker has paid his obligations to the government. From then on citizens are finally working for themselves. Tax day usually occurs in April. I think the government selection of April 15 as the day to file and pay your Income Tax was not by accident.

Labor Day was first celebrated in New York City on September 5, 1882. It was approved as a federal holiday in 1894. Income Tax did not start until 1913 when the 16th Amendment was approved by the individual states. Thus since 1913, Labor Day is about workers sharing the fruits of their labor with the government.

In the early 1900's Progressives had been pushing for the amendment by calling for Congress to convene a Constitutional Convention. Being fearful of a Constitutional Convention, Congress instead passed the amendment and sent it to the states for ratification.

Those Progressives are today's Liberals led by President Obama. As Hillary Clinton has stated, she is proud to be a Progressive.

Progressivism is the opposite of Conservatism. Progressive is a political term indicating change (Where have I heard this?) in economic and social policies directed by the government. American Progressives believe in income redistribution, environmentalism, anti-corporation, pro-union, universal healthcare and governmental control of the economy.

The first Progressive Party was created in 1912 by President Theodore Roosevelt. It was revived again in 1924 and 1948 for short periods. But even during these periods, Progressives were successful in moving forward their agenda. Progressives just keep coming back. But now the present day Liberals have attached themselves to the Progressives and their agenda.

So on this Labor Day, we celebrate a Progressive Government.

  • Government spending creating massive deficits
  • Government control over the economy
  • Government ownership of corporations: GM, Banks, etc...
  • Government dictatorship of wage restrictions
  • Government dictatorship of price restrictions
  • Government taxation of high income earners to distribute to others
  • Government universal healthcare for all
  • Government yielding control of corporations to Unions
  • Government restriction of our freedoms for the benefit of the environment

This movement of Preserve Our Nation is to take back those Progressive achievements since 1913 and to halt any further movement in the progressive direction.

In summary, we are seeking to call a Constitutional Convention to restore Our Nation to a Republic adhering to the Constitution.

To achieve this, we must elect to the House and Senate those who share our beliefs. This will take at least six years to achieve and a huge amount of money. Support this cause by reviewing this website and making a contribution of $25 per month for the next six years. We can accomplish this with just 3 million contributors.

Do your work! Read the website! Make a contribution today!

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