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Pamphlet #23 - 7/19/2009

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Healthcare Threat to Economy

President Obama recently said "Healthcare is threat to economy".

Mr. President, Progressive Government with outrageous spending is the single most threat to our economy and way of life.

Progressive Government took its roots toward the end of the 19th century (1875) by the Democratic Party with the ideals of what government must do for the citizens. Later, FDR (1944) initiated the ideal that everyone has a right to a living wage, economic competition, homeownership, medical care, education, and recreation; in other words, care (control) from cradle to grave. Over the past 150 years, our Nation has moved toward Progressive Government and the liberal left.

FDR proposed a "Second Bill of Rights" to accomplish this. I, too, believe we need a "Second Bill of Rights" but not to authorize what the government must do for us. I propose that we need additional amendments added to the "Bill of Rights" to restrain government from interfering in our lives by forcing these liberal progressive ideals onto the citizens.

"America is the only idealistic nation in the world", a quote from Woodrow Wilson. We may be an idealistic nation, but we are a Nation of Laws derived from the ideals of our founding fathers; the ideals that the individual citizen is responsible for their lives, not the government. These ideals of Western Philosphy as set forth by Socrates, Plato, Artistole, and later John Locke were embraced by our Founding Fathers and the Framers of the Constitution.

National healthcare will follow the path of national education. Vouchers will be needed to allow those failing in the system to have access to the private system. Oh! I forgot. President Obama does not believe in vouchers to get individuals out of a failing education system. What will be used to move citizens out of a failing National Healthcare system into a private healthcare system?

Maybe national healthcare will follow the path of homeownership for everyone: Government forcing businesses to provide mortgages to those who cannot afford homeownership. Oh! Again I forgot. President Obama blames this problem on not enough government controls. Besides, liberal progressives believe it was the businesses' fault for following under pressure what progressive liberals in Congress wanted.

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