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Pamphlet #20 - 5/16/2009

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Movement - An Undivided Life

What is a Movement?

A Movement comes about when an individual recognizes and questions a wrong, a fault, or a premise about an institution or organization. Movements are about CHANGE. Movements can occur only when there exists resistance to CHANGE in institutions or organizations.

Previous and current Movements have been the result of resistance to the Vietnam War, resistance to civil rights, resistance to woman's equality, resistance to democracy, resistance to gay marriage, resistance to taxes without representation, resistance to tyranny, and resistance to the King of England.

Movements are ever changing and evolving, they begin with an inner conflict and unwillingness to continue to live divided. An individual's recognition that a wrong has been and continues to be perpetrated on those unable or unwilling to defend themselves, marks the potential beginning of a movement.

The following is taken from "The Courage to Teach" by Parker J. Palmer.

Four Steps in a Movement
  • Stage 1. - Isolated individuals make an inward decision to live "divided no more" finding a center for their lives outside of institutions.
  • Stage 2. - These individuals begin to discover one another and form communities of congruence that offer mutual support and opportunities to develop a shared vision.
  • Stage 3. - These communities start going public, learning to convert their private concerns into the public issues they are and receiving vital critiques in the process.
  • Stage 4. - A system of alternative rewards emerges to sustain the movement's vision and to put pressure for change on the standard institutional reward system.

Political change occurs when enough people decide to join the movement. These people must believe in the movement.

This Movement is to Return our Nation to the Ideals of the "Founding Fathers" and "Framers" of the Constitution.

The Republican Party is currently seeking their movement. Conservatives are trapped in their old political ways and they are trying to identify their movement in terms of forcing Congress to change. However, they do not recognize that Congress is resistance to change; they are protecting their turf.

Preserve Our Nation's Movement is about bringing change to Congress and returning to the Constitution as it was written and modified via Amendments. Some amendments need to be changed and some repealed. The Bill of Rights need new additional amendments.

We propose the following Amendments:

  1. Repeal the Sixteenth Amendment to the Constitution (Labor Tax known as Income Tax);
  2. Amend the Constitution to forbid the US Treasury to borrow money from foreign entities;
  3. Repeal the Seventeenth Amendment to Constitution (Election of Senators);
  4. Amend the Constitution to Limit Government Spending Bills to Five Years and then require reauthorization;
  5. Amend the Constitution to require Legal Status of Parents of Children born in US to become Citizens;
  6. Amend the Constitution to preserve Property Rights;
  7. Amend the Constitution to preserve Health-Care Rights; and
  8. Amend the Constitution to preserve Home Schooling Rights of Parents.
  9. Amend the Constitution to prohibit Dual Citizenship.

Review the details of the above amendments on this website.

We are now at the stage of going public and building the movement (Stage 3). I have made the decision that we need to return our Nation to the original beliefs of the Founders and Framers of the Constitution (Stage 1). Come and share this vision with me (Stage 2).

Join now and contribute to the cause!

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