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Pamphlet #18 - 5/4/2009

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Capitalism versus Governmentalism

Capitalism is based on supply and demand. When demand requires more supply, then efforts will work in the market to generate capital (investments) to accomplish the delivery of the supplies. Yes, for a profit. Thus, the name "Profit-Driven".

Governmentalism is based on supply and lack of demand. This occurs when supply is generated by government (Tax Payers Money) to meet political desires (goals) in hopes that the public will eventually purchase the supply. This philosophy is used to generate followers (voters) or reward constituents. If the demand does not materialize the government will induce the demand either imposing price controls, eliminating private competitors or taking over industries.

An example is the car industry. The government wants more fuel-efficient vehicles with a lower carbon footprint. There is limited demand for these type vehicles because the price is too high and the benefits are low. So the government takes over General Motors to force the production (supply) of small fuel-efficient vehicles

Another example: Using tax payers money to build high-speed rail to compete in the market for a certain demand (travelers). If the Nation demands high-speed rail, the investment will materialize to provide the supply.

Are you a Conservative who still has faith in the political system (Congress, President) to solve our problems?

Who is better at solving problems?
  • 535 Members of Congress
  • 300 Million Citizens

Where do you want to place your bet?

What do I want government to do?
  • Their responsibility is to keep the roadway to Capitalism paved and pot hole free.
  • As I travel the road, government is to protect me from thieves hiding in the bushes.
  • To pay for this, I expect the government to charge me a sales fee on my products and services when I participate in capitalism.
  • The government is NOT to tax my labor but can thrive off capitalism.
  • Government is to be the wind in my sail at my back, not the wind in my face, holding me back.
  • Government is to nurse me like a new born baby when I start out but soon must leave me alone to grow, learn and prosper.
  • When the safety of the road is in jeopardy, government is to come to my aid with all their mighty force, whether the attacker be nature, domestic or foreign threats.

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