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Pamphlet #16 - 5/2/2009

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Greed - Good or Bad?

Fundamental Question: Is Greed Bad or Good?

First, let's look at the definition of greed or greedy.


1828 Webster Dictionary - Having a keen desire of anything; eager to obtain.

1981 Webster Dictionary - Wanting more than one needs or more than one's fair share.

2009 Webster Dictionary - Having or showing a selfish desire for wealth and possessions.

From the above definitions, over the past 180 years the word "greedy" has taken on a selfish, self-focused definition which characterizes it as undesirable. But why?

This is the Liberal agenda!

Redistribution of wealth is the greed of the powerful to take from some and give to others. But does the liberal acknowledge this as greed? No!

Is it greedy for me to want the best for my family and desire that my children prosper? Is it greedy for me to work hard and accumulate as much wealth as possible? As long as everything is legal, why shouldn't I want to increase my wealth?

Is it greedy of me to hire someone to complete my Income Tax forms in order to reduce my tax liability to the government? Is it greedy of me not to want to pay taxes? Is it greedy of me to search for the best investments for my retirement?

Where do you stand on the following questions?

Question #1

Do you believe that greed is bad?

If your answer is YES, are you confusing greed with evil?

Question #2

Do you believe that wanting your children to prosper is greedy?

Is this evil?

Question #3

Do you believe that greed is part of the incentive for people building a business?

If your answer is NO, then why would someone want to own a business with all the possible problems and required government paperwork?

I am thankful that human nature has instilled a sense of greed in me. To satisfy my greed, I know that if I work, my wealth will increase. If I invest, my wealth can increase. Greed drives me to invest my time and money to accumulate my wealth.

If I owned a business, I would much rather take $50,000 of my profits and hire another worker to increase my wealth. Or I could take the $50,000 and invest in another business (stockholder) that would hire workers.

Without this natural greed, I could gladly give my $50,000 to the government to throw away. Or I could just put it under my mattress and accomplish nothing.

Question #4

Do you agree that people hire workers to make more money?

If your answer is Yes, then they must be greedy for wanting to make more money?

If your answer is NO, then why hire more workers? Why build a business?

Question #5

Read the following and select your answer.

An employer makes 8% profit off each worker that they hire. Let's say that it costs $50,000 to hire the worker with a profit of $4,000 a year (8% profit) per each worker. At the 35% tax rate, the employer will pay $1,400 in taxes per each worker. The employer will also pay $3,700 in FICA taxes as part of the $50,000 cost of hiring the worker.

This year the employer is expected to have $50,000 in profits from 35 existing workers. He can choose to pay the $50,000 in taxes or hire another worker. Which should he do?

The Liberals say: Pay the taxes!

Should the business hire another worker? If another worker is hired, then next year's profit will be $4,000 higher and the business will owe another $1,400 in business taxes. The business owners will have another $2,600 to add to their greedy accumulation of wealth.

So, is it better to be greedy and keep hiring workers or give the money to the government?


Greed come in many forms:

  • Greed can make me happy: Accomplishments, Goals, Pursuit of Happiness.
  • Greed can make others happy: Family, Friends, Charity

Greed is not all bad! Greed does not hurt others and is not illegal. Evil does hurt others and certainly can result in illegal pursuits or activities.

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