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Pamphlet #15 - 4/15/2009

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Obama is one of the Lucky

President Obama said today that those who are lucky should provide for those who are unlucky. He feels that he has been Lucky and has a responsibility to give part of his money to the Unlucky.

I am so thankful that I too am so "Lucky" to have been able to make enough money to support my family.

Never mind the following:

  1. That my parents worked hard to teach and provide me with a Mississippi upbringing that includes a work ethic,
  2. That my Mother worked two jobs after my Father's death when I was 13 to provide for me,
  3. That my Mothers helped me attend college,
  4. That I worked and paid 75% of all my college expenses, thus extending a four year degree to five years,
  5. That I repaid the single college loan that I needed for my last semester of college,
  6. That my grandparents built up a farm and owned their land that was eventually sold and the proceeds were split among the children and grandchildren. My part was enough to pay for my college expenses for my MBA,
  7. That I have worked 60-80 hours per week for 30 years sometimes at 2 jobs,
  8. That I have contributed part of my money to churches and charity.

I am so Lucky and I feel that since my money comes from being Lucky, then I have no problem nor should I complain about giving part of my money to those who are Unlucky.


The following is taken from Noah Webster 1828 "American Dictionary of the English Language".

  • The sense is that which comes, falls, happens;
  • a dart or throw;
  • That which happens to a person; an event, good or ill, affecting a man's interest or happiness, and which is deemed casual; fortune.
  • Luck, or what we call chance, accident, fortune, is an event which takes place without being intended or foreseen, or from some cause not under human control;
  • That which cannot be previously known or determined with certainty by human skill or power.

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