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Pamphlet #13 - 4/14/2009

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4 Things to Restore America's Greatness

Our Nation is wandering in the wilderness away from the Constitution as written by the "Founders" and "Framers" of our Nation. This movement has occurred by virtue of the States approving Amendments sent to them from the Congress. Congress will take actions to spread or maintain their power.

This can be changed only by the individual States. The States must call Congress to convene a Constitutional Convention to return the Constitution to where it belongs: the Political Center.

The following are four (4) changes that need to be made to the Constitution to restore power to the States and to rein in the Congress and their out of control spending and unleash the free market system.

Repeal 16th Amendment The IRS rules are so confusing and massive (over 60,000 pages) that it lends itself easily to misuse by Congress. Our Constitution did not intend that our labor be taxed. This goes back to the era of Socrates and Plato when property rights evolved. John Locke, in his writings, talked about property rights and the right to own the output of your labor.
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New Amendment Add an amendment that forces Congress to explain to the citizens what they are spending money on, and, then require one of the following:
  • Balance the budget by cutting spending,
  • Balance the budget by raising taxes, or
  • Go to the citizens to justify their actions when spending exceeds revenues and request that the citizens fund the expenditures by buying treasury notes, bills, bonds...

New Amendment Add an amendment that requires all spending bills to be reauthorized every five years. This would force the review of all spending on a regular schedule.

Repeal 17th Amendment Repeal the 17th Amendment to restore the Senate as conceived by the "Founders" and "Framers" of the Constitution. This would return sovereignty to the States allowing the States to select the best and wisest to send to the Senate.

This is the first step. Read more about these and other changes needed.

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