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Pamphlet #12 - 4/13/2009

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Central Planning: The Soviet Way

Reagan won the Cold War due to the Soviet Union's central planning system!

Central Planning
  • Government controls what products are to be produced,
  • Government controls what price the products will sell for, and
  • Government controls how much each person can earn.

As an example, the Soviet Union Central Planning Committee set the selling price of automobiles at below manufacturing cost, and then set the wages the workers could make so that they would not be able to afford a car, then subsidized the purchase of automobiles for a few.

The Soviet Central Planning Committee repeated this for all products in the market place. There were few products available in the market place and if they had been available, no one could have afforded them.

Does any of this sound familiar?

What nation will be able to overturn us due to our Central Planning Committee (Liberal Executive Branch and Congress)?

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