A Pamphlet from Don Stuart, Preserve Our Nation, LLC
Pamphlet #9 - 3/31/2009

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Republic or Oligarchy (Not a Democracy)

I fear we are moving toward an Oligarchy. From the movie at: Republic or Oligarchy

Forms of Government
  • Monarchy -- Rule by One
  • Oligarchy -- Rule by Few
  • Democracy -- Rule by People (Majority)
  • Republic -- Rule by Law
  • Anarchy -- No Government

As you can see our government having turned Liberal since the last election, the ruling party perceives themselves to be a Democracy. However, with their current actions we are now moving toward an Oligarchy.

There are steps we can take, but we all must come together. You have probably begin to hear from public officials the same proposals that I am making. Now is the time to start!

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