A Pamphlet from Don Stuart, Preserve Our Nation, LLC
Pamphlet #7 - 3/30/2009

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Business-Government Investment Act for You

Have I got an Investment for you? Invest in an American Small Business.

Start your own business!

  • Your Investment: $100,000
  • Government Investment: $0

You work 12 hour days, 6 or 7 days per week for 3 years. The government helps by requiring you to buy licenses, fill out paperwork, and file tax forms each year.

8% Year End Profit: $8,000
  • Your Profit after taxes: $5,200
  • Government Profit - 35% taxes: $2,800

If after 3 years the business fails...

  • Your share of losses: $100,000 plus 3 years work.
  • Government Share of losses: $0 and no loss of work since none provided.

If by any luck, your business is a success, you can look forward to sharing your profits with the government forever. But don't expect any help from Washington. Pray that Washington does not give you any help. Look at what they are doing to General Motors.

This is a Government-Business Partnership. Just what we all desire. We do all the work, take all the risk and take all the losses ourselves but must share the profits with Uncle Sam . A perfect deal! But only for the government. We go into business for ourselves for the prospect of earning a good income for ourselves, build a future for our children, hire employees to better their lives and "what does the government contribute?" Nothing! But they get to reap a portion of the rewards.

With lots of advertising, maybe we can convince foreigners to come to America to build businesses under this plan.

Our Government at Work!

Help us repeal the 16th Amendment - Income Tax Amendment, sometimes known as the Labor Tax or the Business-Government partnership tax.

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