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Pamphlet #5 - 5/12/2008 updated 3/28/2009

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Tax Rates from the 90's

Question #1

Do you believe it is OK for the government to use the Tax Code to punish American Tax Payers?

President Franklin Roosevelt raised the tax rate to 79% for income over $5,000,000 for tax year 1936. The problem is that only one person made that amount of money: John D. Rockefeller. So was this punishing one American?

Poor dear old John D. Rockerfeller just made too much money for the government not to pay attention.

The liberals believe that making money is wrong and aim to punish those who make too much in their view.

Even though ExxonMobil is making a little less than 8% profit, they believe that the total dollar amount is too much. So they want a windfall profit tax. Thus, the government taxes those who succeed!

Now it's the AIG employees who received bonuses. Get them bonuses (in legislation), try to take them back (by breaking the contract and legislation) and when that fails, raise their tax rates. And again only targeting a specific group with their tax code. This is unconstitutional. But again, the Liberals in Congress thinks they are above the Constitution.

More additional Facts:

Duh, lowering the income limit at the same tax rate is raising taxes!

I repeat: So the aim is to raise the tax rate and lower the Income limit to which it applies.

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