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Pamphlet #4 - 3/27/2009

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Absolutism versus Relativism

Speaking of absolute truth this takes me to the writings of Socrates, Plato and Aristotle. Oh, you remember these old guys from 469 to 322 BC.

In those days, the major debates were about the best type of government for the survival of Democracy or Republic. Well, Athens was a Democracy in the Roman Empire. See how long that lasted! It is a good thing that the “Framers” and “Founders” of our Constitution studied history, otherwise, we might be a Democracy now. Oops!

Most people think we are a Democracy and by most people I mean those who know little about History, namely Liberals. But we are a Republic, or at least we started out as a republic. But we are moving toward Democracy which will cause our Nation to Fall like the Roman Empire as we move through Socialism toward tyranny.

Let's return to Absolutism. Those old fellows held discussions about the Relativism and Absolutism. Absolutism is the belief that absolute truth exists. Relativism is the belief that truth is relative to the situation. Take for example: “Is Stealing wrong?” An absolutist will say; Yes, stealing (taking of someone’s property) is always wrong. A relativist will say that stealing is relative and that a group of thieves believe "that stealing is a right they have". They believe they are entitled.

So, is the government taking part of my property as in "My Income?" Relativists believe that because the law says they can take our property, then it is acceptable to steal my property.

Over time the Absolutists became Conservatives, and, the Relativist became Liberals.

So you can see that Congress' belief that they can take people’s property, is a Liberal view stemming from their relativist beliefs.

If only we had a Socrates or Plato or Aristotle here today. How is it taht all the people with wisdom have died?

Question #1

Do you believe in absolutism or relativism?


From the time of Socrates untill today, the debate has continued.

Our Nations history has been a battle between Absolutism and Relativism. The Federalist Papers were a debate defining the views that should be in the Constitution.

The Absolutists won, but the Relativist have been pressuring for changes ever since. Since 1913 the Relativists have won many of these battles. Now that they are a majority in Congress and have obtained the Presidency, the Relativists are pushing again to instill their beliefs and programs.

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