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Pamphlet #2 - 3/26/2009

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Clinton Blames U.S. for Mexico's problems

Did you read about the meeting between Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and Mexico's Secretary Patricia Espinosa? Clinton "acknowledged the U.S. shares blame because of the U.S. demand for drugs and supply of weapons" for Mexico's violent struggle against the drug cartels?

So every American owes Mexico an apology.

Secretary Clinton should have stated that our government's efforts to keep drugs from coming into this country is a shame and disgrace. But to blame us for Mexico's inability to keep guns traders from entering Mexico is wrong. Oh, it's our government's responsibility to enforce the Mexican side of the border too!

And did you hear that the ATF has said, that most of the guns the cartel has, did not come across the U.S. border into Mexico?

The Bush administration approved $1.4 billion over a three year period (still in process) to help fight the drug cartels. Congress has already approved $700 million. Obama wants to add another $80 million to the program for helicopters.

And we are to blame?

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