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Pamphlet #1 - 3/242009

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Price Controls and a New York Doctor

Did you hear about the doctor in New York who was fed up with the government's healthcare system of forced prices, excessive paperwork and slow reimbursements?

Well, he dropped the government program and decided to charge his patients a straight $79 per month. The flat fee reduced the administrative costs related to the \government reimbursement procedures.

But New York State officials told him he could not do that. He would have to charge an extra $39 per visit for patients who were sick. So the State government sets a minimum price he can charge while the Federal government sets the maximum price he can charge, under any government program.

This is like Starbucks having a policy that states for $50 per month you can have all the coffee you want. But if you actually drink it, you have to pay an extra $1 per cup!

So why is New York State doing this? In a world where the government cannot compete they will control the price. If people move from the State's plan to the doctor's plan, the State loses Federal dollars that flow to the State. So it is advantageous for the State to force people to participate in the State's healthcare system.

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